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About This is Tech Today

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More Than Just a YouTube Channel

This is Tech Today is more than just a YouTube Channel, it's a way of thinking about the technology of today and the way we interact with it.

This is Tech Today is about the intersection of technology in our everyday lives, in business, and in all things creative.

Technology is embedded in every part of our lives changing the way we work, play, interact, create, and live. We want to explore the technology of today to give us a better understanding of our tomorrow.  

Honest Tech Reviews, The News & My Views

Of course we'll see this through the lens of tech reviews, talking about the latest news, and giving our thoughts and opinions. Join us as we talk about technology in our everyday lives, in how we do business, how we create, and more!

About M. Brandon Lee

M. Brandon Lee - Host of This is Tech Today

M. Brandon Lee started This is Tech Today originally as a YouTube channel by posting the first video on January 16, 2017. After picking up a camera to make video for the first time at the start of 2016, he embarked on a personal passion project creating 366 videos (a leap year) for all of 2016. During that process he fell in love with videography.

After a brief break at the start of 2017, he had the itch to create again and decided to make a video on something in tech he was looking for a solution for himself. Thus, the This is Tech Today YouTube Channel began. As a lover of tech, and resident tech support for family and friends, technology was a natural direction for Brandon's creations where he could mix his love for technology and videography into one.

In a little over four years, Brandon grew the This is Tech Today YouTube Channel to over 176,000 subscribers, 14,500,000 views, and has worked with various brands like Google, Amazon, Samsung, Sony, LG, HP, Razer, Yamaha, Liftmaster, Waymo, THX, Audible, Storyblocks, Peak Design, Moment, Honey, Squarespace,  and many more.

Brandon from This is Tech Today has been featured on Newsweek, CNET, Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider, The Verge, Engaget, PC Mag, and more.

As a person who loves to help others, he started consulting other creators to help make their creative endeavors a sustainable and thrive. He also started the Rice Bowl Media, LLC. Network, which This is Tech Today sits under.

Feel free to reach out to Brandon on Twitter and Instagram!

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